Beyond IoT Conference Receives Record Attendance and International Exposure for Irish Students and Startups

Ireland’s largest startup technology conference kicked off with resounding success last week in Cork, Ireland. Organized by Richard Linger, Manager at Nimbus Technology Gateway at CIT, the Beyond IoT 2 conference brought together over 500 leading minds from across the world for a day of innovative discussion.

Proudly sponsored by medical device company, SteriTrack, Beyond IoT 2 provided a platform for top European technology, commercial and funding experts to unite with Silicon Valley and align on their mission to give back to the Irish community through forward thinking innovations and infrastructure that create a better future.

Irish students and prospective startups alike were privy to a day of discussion aimed to equip the next generation of innovators with the tools and concepts necessary to develop the technology of tomorrow. With a healthy client portfolio boasting over 60 projects a year for some of Corks top companies, Nimbus’ expertise and network create a unique roster of speakers that help drive technology innovators towards success. Discussion topics ranged from simple concepts such as goal setting and expectation management all the way to complex business development methodologies and strategies from corks tested practitioners.

While speakers like “Blockchain Rookies” Co-Founder Troy Norcross and TechCrunch Contributing Writer, John Biggs, held conflicting viewpoints on the future of blockchain development, there was a common consensus across the board: Blockchain in its current state is limited in functionality but demonstrates tremendous applicability in establishing a standard by which to hold technology and businesses accountable.

Also of note was a high-spirited fireside chat between SteriTrack CTO Brandon Donnelly and Fast Model Sports CEO Ross Comerford. Fast Model Sports is the maker of FastDraw, a diagramming software designed for and utilized by all 30 NBA teams, NCAA basketball teams, and over 8,000 high school teams because of its ability to visualize and scale their playbooks and strategies. Ross shared his story of the dedication it took to create, run and maintain a successful tech company and gave the prospective startup innovators the following advice:

To succeed, you have to be a doer and embrace the grind. You need to love the journey and the process,’ and lastly, “If you’re not paranoid, something’s wrong.

With growing numbers and community engagement from last year’s conference to 2019, SteriTrack hopes to help build on this momentum by delivering relevant content to hungry Cork innovators through a series of tech and investor-focused events and conferences to be held throughout the year in conjunction with Nimbus and Cork Institute of Technology. As quoted, CTO Brandon Donnelly said:

“We support this [conference] because we have a strong belief in Ireland as a country, and we think that a lot of the education and potential for really creative, innovative and wonderful ideas will come out of it right here in Cork.”