Introducing our Tractus™ Software, a fully automated solution that provides your organization with the necessary tools to improve overall organizational efficiency and optimal patient safety.



Our software technology enables you to have a unified view no matter what existing systems or hardware you currently utilize. The benefits of the Tractus Software are:

  • Seamlessly integrates with all major electronic information systems, EHRs, and existing scanning hardware.
  • Connects with your existing inventory system to associate UDI data with your internal inventory numbers.
  • Point-of-case scanning decodes UDI data in real-time alerting you to expired, recalled or about to expire devices.
  • Anatomical assignment of implantable devices, medical supplies, and instruments used assists with the most accurate and effective medical device documentation for adverse event and recall identification.
  • Comprehensive reporting capabilities provide access to real-time case details, inventory utilization, and recalled devices so you can be proactive verses reactive.


The team at SteriTrack is here to solve your UDI and surgical inventory documentation challenges, reach out today.