About Us


SteriTrack™, a subsidiary of Matrix IT Medical Tracking Systems, is a healthcare information technology company with proven experience in the healthcare industry.

Matrix IT Medical Tracking Systems invented Tractus™, the world’s only sterile-field UDI optical scanner used to document each device and its anatomical placement during a surgical or invasive procedure. Tractus is protected by U.S. and international patents, including both design and utility patents.


In 2011, SteriTrack was started by 4 orthopedic/spine surgeons who founded Spartan Spinal Systems. Spartan Spinal Systems created a complete tracking system for surgical implants, particularly spine and orthopedic implants. They provided specialty designed surgical implants with 2-D data matrix codes/designs and markings of 4-8mm 2 in size. Their goal was to reduce the size to less than 50 – 100 microns. The 2-D data matrix codes, the design, and markings provided information to trace all of the materials that were contained in the implant to its original source. They also developed a high-speed image vision scanner, or reader as it was called then, for reading the dot matrix markings. The reader captured the data matrix code from a distance of 3 to 24 inches or more away. After the implants and scanner were developed Spartan Spinal Systems developed software that recorded the lot numbers, sizes and weight of the surgical implants, the time and date of implantation, and automatically generated an image of the spine or surgical area where the implanted device was placed. The documented information could be sent to the hospital’s electronic record.

All of this was developed prior to 2013 when Congress signed the U.S. FDA UDI Rule. After the regulation was implemented Spartan Spinal Systems realized
the solution developed for the spinal and orthopedic implants could be used by all orthopedic and spinal manufacturers and Matrix IT Tracking Systems was developed to create that vision.


Improve the healthcare industry by enhancing transparency, knowledge, and collaboration, leading to healthier communities


SteriTrack™ will be the global leader pioneering the most comprehensive UDI software and hardware solution connecting the healthcare ecosystem.”