Our Tractus™ Sterile Scanner is the world’s first and only UDI scanning solution that is able to quickly and accurately read UDI data
on ALL medical devices during surgery, including hospital sterilized implants.



The Tractus Sterile Scanner is the only universal UDI data collection solution that can capture medical device inventory for direct part marked devices, implants, medical supplies, and instruments in the sterile field. It can also capture UDI data of sterile packaged devices and instruments outside the sterile field in the OR and in the Sterile Processing Department.

Tractus™ benefits:

  • Accurate electronic data capture and utilization performed by healthcare team members.
  • Patient safety with Identification and verification of device data against reliable sources (FDA GUDID, FDA MDR, EUDAMED).
  • Efficient track and trace process for all medical devices and implants when there is an adverse event or recall.
  • Increases efficiency by all stakeholders with an accurate and efficiency by all stakeholders with an accurate and effective UDI data capture process.
  • Reads barcodes on a variety of substrates, colors, and shapes as small as 0.5mm2.


The team at SteriTrack is here to solve your UDI and surgical inventory documentation challenges, reach out today.