The SteriTrack UDI Compliance Solution enables your business to capture medical device UDI data accurately and efficiently throughout the devices’ lifecycle.

Female surgeon using digital tablet in operation room


The SteriTrack UDI Compliance Solution offers scanning of medical devices outside the sterile field and the captured UDI data is sent to the Tray Mapping and Invoicing Soware, the Patient Implant Card generator, and the customer’s electronic record to increase visibility of product and inventory lifecycles, from manufacturing validation and verification, through the supply chain and sales process, and ultimately, to the patient.

Our Advanced UDI Compliance Solution provides:

  • Five valuable solution in one bundle.
  • In-browser camera reading for outside the sterile field scanning.
  • Scanning with users own mobile or tablet devices outside the sterile field.
  • No more handwritten and duplication of device data being exchanged among stakeholders.
  • Point of care validation identifies expired, about to expire, and recalled devices before implantation.
  • All devices are passed through several government-funded databases (i.e., FDA GUDID, FDA MDR and EUDAMED [once functional]) for identification and captured not only for implantable devices and medical supplies, but for surgical instruments also.
  • Real-time utilization data to support rapid device replenishment for inventory management and accurate billing.


The team at SteriTrack is here to solve your UDI and surgical inventory documentation challenges, reach out today.