The SteriTrack Verification Scanner is the only universal UDI solution that captures medical device
UDI data at the point of manufacturing and at the point-of-use.

Female surgeon using digital tablet in operation room


Unique and proprietary SteriTrack’s Verification Scanner creates the new standard in UDI validation and verification. Captures, parses, and documents 1D/2D/RFID, direct part marks (DPM) on medical devices, and UDI compliant labels required by the current U.S. FDA UDI Rule and the imminent EU MDR. SteriTrack delivers differentiated benefits to our customers, helping to increase inventory visibility, customer collaboration, and intelligent reporting for knowledge sharing of device data.

Our Advanced Scanning Technology provides:

  • Reading UDI labels and direct part marks on medical devices down to 0.3 mm2.
  • Algorithms that optimizes the light used to read UDIs on various substrates, colors, and shapes.
  • Ease of use with its ergonomic shape.
  • Accuracy of reading UDI's at a speed that surpasses the competition.
  • Quality assurance that UDI barcodes can always be read at the point-of-use.


The team at SteriTrack is here to solve your UDI and surgical inventory documentation challenges, reach out today.