In an effort to increase visibility, engage in industry participation, and find new and innovative ways to promote patient safety, SteriTrack LTD has now joined with the Irish Medtech Association (IBEC).  This reinforces the company’s vision of transparency and openness to solve the mandates brought about by the April 2017 MDR.

CTO Brandon Donnelly was quoted as saying:

“Our association with the Irish Medtech Association is a continued commitment for SteriTrack to bring an unmatched degree of service, innovation, and confidence in our UDI platform for the EU market.”

SteriTrack is excited to engage with industry in a collaborative method that furthers the discussion of implant and instrument tracking through the means of automation.  This compliments well with the upcoming speaking engagement schedule at the Google Java Center on “Game Changer in Healthcare | Direct-Part Marked Hospital-Sterilized Medical Implants with Tractus™”.

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